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Lviv City Council is a local government body in the city of Lviv that operates under the laws of Ukraine. This structure deals with local issues and ensures the development of the city.
On the Lviv City Council website, you can find a lot of useful information about the city, its history and culture, as well as about the activities of the city council. The website offers a wide range of different sections related to different areas of city life, such as:

  • Current news and events of the city that are important for Lviv residents.
  • Information on the work of executive bodies of the city council, their composition and functions, as well as on decisions made at city council meetings.
  • Sections on important areas of the city council’s work, such as culture, education, healthcare, sports, etc. Each section contains information on projects and programs implemented in this area.
  • Information for city residents that can be useful in their everyday life, such as public transport schedules, addresses and phone numbers of city institutions and organizations, contact details for addressing the city council.
  • Videos, photographs, and other multimedia materials that help city residents to get better acquainted with the life and culture of Lviv.
  • A section with information for business, which contains various support and programs for local entrepreneurs and startups, as well as information on the conditions for investing in the city.
  • A section on tourism and cultural events held in the city, with information on interesting places to visit, hotels and restaurants, as well as information on organizing excursions.
  • A section with information on social services and programs provided by the city council, including assistance to low-income and orphaned children, organization of housing and employment for veterans, programs for youth, etc.
  • Contact details and a feedback form allowing to address the city council with any questions and suggestions.

The Lviv City Council website is a useful information resource for city residents, entrepreneurs, and tourists who want to learn more about the life and development of Lviv. Here you can find answers to many questions, as well as learn about new projects and programs planned by the city council for the development of the city.

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